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A Way Forward Coaching offers high-quality and personalized youth life coaching services to help young people reach their full potential. Through personalized mentorship and guidance, A Way Forward Coaching provides personalized support to help youth make the most of their life journey.

Schedule a Free consultation

A free 15-minute phone consultation is available to any new clients considering working with me.

A one-on-one phone or video consultation is required for teen or young adult clients to ensure coaching is a fit for their needs and goals, as well as confirm they are motivated to engage in the coaching experience. If the potential teen client is a minor, the consultation will be split up with half the time being with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the minor.

New Clients

New Client Packages

Individual Services
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Resilience Coaching
Online Study

RESILIENCE COACHING for TeenS & Young Adults

Resilience Life Coaching equips people with skills to improve relationships, improve self confidence, improve social interacting skills, learn how to manage money, learn how to do “adult-type” tasks, make friends, or create a plan to achieve something - and feel more calm and satisfied with themselves. The list is endless. We choose what to work on together and the program is tailored to achieve specific goals. This “program” is delivered through Amy Brogna who is a Certified Youth Resilience Coach. The coaching program is designed for teens or emerging adults committed to building resilience to thrive in life, school, and work!


  • Up to 3 life goals. Leverage personal strengths, internal & external resources to begin moving toward self-determined goals!

  • Identify life direction and set and pursue goals in line with that direction. Align yourself with people, places, and spaces conducive to goal pursuit.

  • Develop skills and make behavior modifications necessary to enhance resilience and chances of success through goal striving.

  • 10 weekly 45 minute sessions via Zoom or in person (Maynard, MA)

  • Weekly action steps designed to plan and measure progress

This is an individually designed program lasting 10 weeks
PRICE: $1200

Life Coaching
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Life COACHING (Adults)

For adults!

Is your life in transition or do you want to make a change?
Are you feeing stuck or have you lost your sense of self?
Going through a divorce or becoming an empty-nester?
Would you like family and/or career coaching?

Duration: 50 minutes
PRICE: $125

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