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Amy Brogna, Certified Youth Resilience Coach

Since we'll be working closely together, here are a few things that you should know about me!

Above anything else, I could not be more excited for us to be embarking on this incredible journey together.  I am deeply passionate and equally as committed to helping our kids become the happy, whole, well-adjusted adults that they deserve to be.  It is a true blessing to be able to do this work and I am so honored to have your trust as I guide you and your children towards more fulfilling lives. 

ABout Your Coach,


Becoming a Youth Life Coach was really just the next logical step for me.  As a certified personal trainer, I have had the privilege of working with countless people of all ages and stages of life for the past 16 years. It has been such an incredible privilege to be able to, not only help my clients with their health and wellness journeys but to also to be able to empower them emotionally. I have spent much of my life trying to make the lives of others better and I am blessed to continue to be able to do so. With a combination of my educational background and certifications, I have been able to create a unique perspective on life. My educational background and certifications include a degree in Early Childhood Education, YCI Certified Youth Resilience Coach Certification, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Meditation Teacher Training Certificate, and certification in Reiki levels 1 & 2, as well as being a licensed horseback riding instructor in the state of Massachusetts. In my free time, I love going on adventures, running, exploring the beach, and spending time with those I love.



Point one

To empower young people so they have the confidence they need to succeed.


To make every effort to ensure that as many young people as possible feel heard.


To create a trusting, caring and judgement free environment.

THERAPY vs. Coaching

Teens are often hesitant to see a "therapist" to address or help them with their issues or problems. In many cases, they are much more comfortable and open to the idea of a life coach, as it feels less intimidating. Life coaching provides clients with a balance of practical, solution-oriented tools and strategies, in a therapeutic safe place in which exploration, change, and growth can occur.  Coaching is future-focused: A coach and client collaborate to set intentions to create change for the client's future, rather than looking back at the past. 



The therapist is in charge. The "mental health professional" diagnoses and sets the agenda. 


The client is in charge. Coach works for the client and the client determines the agenda. 

"Fix what's broken"


Develops strengths

Feelings and past events


Actions and the future

Heal dysfunction and pathology; improve the "being"


Focuses on actions and the future

Core beliefs

Depth of Work

Behaviors and skills

Explores the root of the problems


Focuses on solving the problems

The client needs healing


The client is whole

Works to bring the unconscious into the consciousness

Path to Success

Works with the conscious mind

Works for internal resolution of pain and to let go of the old patterns


Works for external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills, and implement them

Therapists deal primarily with answering the question "Why

do I...?"

Questioner & Questions

Coaches ask the questions, "Who are you?" "Where do you want to go?" and "What do you want your future to look like?"



Let's Work Together

A Way Forward Coaching provides life coaching to clients 14 - 30 years of age.  It is my goal to help support young people in making independent life choices - empowering rather than enabling them. As a certified Youth Resilience Coach, my role is partnering with young people so they can find ways to grow, explore and express themselves in a manner that supports independence after first taking stock of the pros and cons of their choices. Some of the areas that coaching helps to promote growth in are: building self-esteem, self-confidence, social skills, family conflict, school stress, friendship challenges, body image, time management and organization, goal setting, and decision-making skills.

                    MY Reason

     Through my own life experiences, I have come to understand the struggles that so many young people face today.  As a teen and young adult, I very often felt lost and alone wondering what my future might hold. With not a lot of adult guidance, I had to learn how to "do life" on my own.  Sometimes I was good at it, and well, sometimes I definitely wasn't!  What I do know for certain though is that through it all, I have gained so much. With a lot of hard work and dedication to myself, I am very proud and fortunate to be able to say that I made it to the other side.

     Sadly, this isn't the case for everyone... In 2019, I lost my only daughter to mental illness and drug addiction. Mikayla was 23 years old and had many struggles as she tried to make her way through life. Even with all of the love and support we gave her, she was unable to find the beauty, strength, and gifts that were inside of her. Mikayla is so incredibly missed but through her death, I have found a new purpose. I have found the passion to provide meaningful and lasting support to youth who are struggling to find their own gifts when my daughter couldn't.

I am very grateful.

My reason

Mikayla Ashley Brogna 

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